Interest in sustainable packaging design was stirred up during the course of my research paper on the concernment of sustainability. Through my research, I realised the importance to consider materials and design decisions that are made throughout the lifespan of a product. Brand identity is another area of interest to me due to its ability to set the mood for a specific product or service. A brand identity is a system that works behind the scenes in generating curiosity in the mind of the audience. The freshness and creativity required to revive or bring in a new brand are what excites me.

Different Blends
Different Moods

Logo Ideations

Another example of sustainability would be this handmade soap brand, it was managed in this way to communicate the essential values of the brand, the commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability and to help establish the newly founded brand name in the mind of its consumers. Soaperb offers an array of beautifully packaged, detoxifying, fragrant handmade soaps crafted using natural ingredients like Khus, Haldi, Watermelon, White Rose, Sandalwood, Lime, Tulsi & Activated Charcoal. The name is derived from the word ‘Superb’ and ‘Soap’ combined — Soaperb.