sustainable coffee packaging

The use of recycled paper to build the packaging is what makes this product completely environmentally friendly and feasible. Each packaging has a completely different colour to portray the mood that lies behind the blend and it has inherited the true sense of instant through the swift and easy ability to use each cup as and when needed. Each box contains twenty cups with a single serving of coffee concealed in the food based film. Each blend can be set apart by the colour of the lid and the logo system of the word mark and icon. 

The five different blends are;
The Natural
The Golden
The Earth
The Liberty
The Rouge

Instant coffee in 5 simple steps
Step 1: Remove stack from packaging
Step 2: Remove single cup from stack, already contains sachet inside
Step 3: Add hot/cold water to see coffee sachet dissolve
Step 4: Add milk if needed
Step 5: Stir and enjoy wonderful coffee for every mood



Multipurpose Soap Packaging

These handcrafted bathing bars are freshly prepared using organic vegetable oils giving it a rich soft lather. Blended with activated volcanic ash, it deep cleans and fights harmful skin toxins giving you perfectly exfoliated healthy skin. The packaging serves as a set of four soap bars in a variety of six different organic flavours (in order from top left to right in pictures) – White Rose, Sandalwood, Watermelon, Lime & Tulsi, Charcoal and Khus & Haldi. The structure of the packaging was built in a way to make it reusable as a stand to store in the bathroom or as a display. 




Youth Festival Wine PAckaging

My packaging design is an attempt at changing the perception of Sula in a way that it is appeals to the youth of India, with the growing advent of Sula festivals held in Nashik. The festival is targetted to attract the youth of the country and create a cultural atmosphere. The set of three famous varieties of Sula wines – Red, White & Rose – is a party pack for any special occasion. The pack includes three, 375 ml bottles which is a suitable gift to give to a special someone. The use of bright colours and geometric illustrations enhances my concept of the youth and abstractness as opposed to the existing designs by Sula over all these years. There is also a special note on the packaging to add quirkiness.